School Policies

At St Albans Primary School we endeavour to provide a learning environment where all children feel safe and can achieve their full potential academically, physically as well as socially and emotionally. At St Albans Primary School we hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as a central and fundamental responsibility of our school. Below you will find all our school policies as required by the departmet of education.

Child Safety Policies

Child Safety Reporting Policy & Procedures
Mandatory Reporting Policy

Curriculum Policies

C1 Additional Needs Policy
C2 Assessment & Reporting Policy
C3 Camps, Incursions & Excursions Policy
C4 Curriculum Framework Policy
C5 Digital Technologies Policy
C6 English as an Additional Language Policy
C7 English Policy
C8 Homework Policy
C9 Inquiry Learning Policy
C10 Intervention Policy
C11 Library Policy
C12 LOTE (Auslan) Policy
C13 Mathematics Policy
C14 Performing Arts Policy
C15 Physical Education Policy
C16 Professional Development Policy
C17 Visual Arts Policy

Finance Policies

F1 Cash Handling Policy
F2 Electronic Funds Management Policy
F3 Fundraising Policy
F4 Parent Payment Policy
F5 School Purchasing Card Policy


Management Policies

M1 Asbestos Management Plan 2019
M2 Bushfire Management Policy
M3 Canteen Policy
M4 CCTV Policy
M5 Communicaction of Policies Schedule
M6 Communication with School Staff Policy
M7 Complaints Policy
M8 Critical Incident Management Policy
M10 Duty of Care Policy
M11 Emergency Management Policy
M12 eSmart Policy
M13 External Providers Policy
M14 Mobile Phone Policy
M15 Personal Property Policy
M16 Photographing, Filming & Recording Students Policy
M17 Privacy Policy
M18 Private Vehicle Use Policy
M19 School Bus Policy
M20 Staff Leave Policy
M21 Staff Registers Policy
M22 Student Enrolment & Placement Policy
M23 Visitors in Schools Policy
M24 Volunteers Policy
M25 Working with Children Check Policy


Wellbeing Policies

W1 Accident Incident Notification Policy
W2 Administration of Medication Policy
W3 Anaphylaxis Policy
W4 Asthma Policy
W5 Attendance Policy
W6 Bullying Prevention Policy
W7 Community Engagement Policy
W8 Community Hub Policy
W9 Diabetes Policy
W10 First Aid Policy
W11 Health Care Needs Policy
W12 Inclusion & Diversity Policy
W13 DET Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy 2018
W14 Out of Home Care Policy
W15 Statement of Values & School Philosophy
W16 Student Dress Code Policy
W17 Student Management Policy
W18 Student Wellbeing & Engagement Policy
W19 Sunsmart Policy
W20 Teaching & Learning Student Engagement Policy
W21 Yard Duty & Supervision - Parents & Students - Policy
W22 Yard Duty Supervision Policy


Other Policies and Infomation

CCTV Privacy Notice